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Grammarz Matterz

We cannot stress this enough. Even the purposely misspelled rhyming title above makes my eye twitch.

As a follow up to our TOTAL PRO Design Guide this is the next critical phase in the “getting you + your projects taken seriously” game.

Please don’t be discouraged if you’re not a superstar speller or grammarian either as there are so many tools out there – like Grammarly – and lots of other ways to ensure your grammar and spelling don’t tank your project.

We will further expound, expand and exposit in our upcoming TOTAL PRO Pitch Guide on the ways you can GREATLY improve your project’s odds at the pitch and submission stage.

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Industry Tips

Total Pro Design Guide

One of the TOP issues we see with pitches and project submissions is bad design.

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Bad design is

We are putting together our top tips + tricks for you to look like a TOTAL PRO before you even start the game.

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